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No vibration, high precision cutting at
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STORMA marble granite bridge cutting machines have a monoblock body and a rigid structure. For this reason, high speed cutting is possible. It is equipped with high-quality electrical and mechanical equipment with the Italian TEX CNC control unit.

Cnc Kopru Kesme Makinasi 6eksen
  • Colored digital touch display and multi functional Mobile operator panel
  • Fully Automatic easy programming, CAD file data transfer to CNC control unit from USB located on operator panel and automatic cutting
  • 4.Axis 3600 head rotation and CAD file data transfer to CNC control unit, circular and diagonal cutting
  • 5.Axis Automatic 900 inclination and edge profiling and final finishing option
  • 6.Axis, Turning, Data transfer from CAD file
  • Net cutting stroke of blade (X axis) is 3500 mm and Bridge cross travel (Y axis) is 1900 mm
  • Adjustable Blade Motor Speed between 300-2900 rpm and 200 mm cutting dept and max. Blade diameter is 650 with 20 HP Blade motor (optional) Hidrolik al??ma Tablas? (stand
  • Hydraulic Working Table (standart)
  • Centrilized Lubrication system
  • CAM Software
  • Milling Option
  • Handwhell (optional)
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 5850x2620x3500 mm
Cutting Stroke of Blade (X) 3500 mm
Bridge Cross Travel (Y) 1900 mm
Blade Vertical Travel (Z) 300 mm
Max. Travel Speed 15 m/dk
Inclination and edge profiling (A axis) 90 degree
Head roattion circular movement (C axis) 360 degree
Lathe option (6 axis) 300-2900, 300 mm
Max. Blade Diameter 650 mm
Max. Blade Speed 300-2900 (6000) rpm (d/dk)
Blade Motor Power 20 hp
Max. Cutting Depth 200 mm
Installed Power 25 kW
Total Machine Weight 5000 kg