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Automatic 5-axis Bridge Cutting Machine with vibration-free, high precision and maximum quality with Milling and Marble Processing feature in one…

Machining with maximum quality saws and cutters with our STORMA CNC 5-axis Machine

STORMA CNC 5 axis marble granite bridge cutting machines have a monoblock body and a rigid structure. In this way, vibration-free and high-speed straight cutting, circular cutting, cross-cut (step) cutting, french balcony, 450 entering the marble with an automatic servo, angled cutting, profile scanning operations and Milling feature…

Ayrıca Freze ve Testere ile entegre çalışan DDX Easystone CAM yazılımı altyapısı ile mermere istenilen her türlü şekli vermenizde çözüm ortağınız olmaktadır. Digital CNC kontrol ünitesi ile yüksek kalitede elektriki ve mekanik ekipmanlarla donatılmıştır.

  • Multifunctional mobile operator panel with color touch digital display
  • CNC Control unit, Fully Automatic Programming CAD file data transfer and automatic cutting in 4-5 axes
  • 4.Axis, circular and diagonal cut with data transfer from CAD file with 3600 head turns
  • 5.Axen Automatic 900 edge profiles machining, side cutting, carding and milling (relief)
  • Net cutting area of 3500 mm on the ‘‘ X ’axis, 1900 mm on the‘ ‘Y’ axis
  • Net cutting stroke of blade (X axis) is 3500 mm and Bridge cross travel (Y axis) is 1900 mm
  • Speed adjustment control between 300-2900 rpm (6000 rpm optional) with 20 HP saw motor and Ø650 mm disc usage (optional)
  • Hydraulic Work Table (standard)
  • Central Lubrication System
  • CAM software
    Milling (standard)
    Handwheel (Optional)
    NC option (Optional)
    Vacuum Plate Lift (Optional)
    Diamut tools (Optional)
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 5850x2620x3500 mm
Cutting Stroke of Blade (X) 3500 mm
Bridge Cross Travel (Y) 1900 mm
Blade Vertical Travel (Z) 300 mm
Max. Travel Speed 15 m/MİN
Inclination and edge profiling (A axis) 90 derece
Head roattion circular movement (C axis) 360 derece
Max. Blade Diameter 650 mm
Max. Blade Speed 300-2900 (6000) rpm (d/dk)
Blade Motor Power 20 hp
Max. Cutting Depth 200 mm
Installed Power 25 kW
Total Machine Weight 5000 kg
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