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The capabilities of the 5 Axis Bridge Type CNC Machining Center with no vibration, high precision and maximum quality will surprise you!

5 Axis Bridge Type CNC Machining Center combines metal cutting machines with bridge cutting and 3D block processing. Maximum performance with DDX Easystone and Artec Laser scanning products. <0,01 mm precision CNC machining

<0,01 mm precision CNC machining

  • Touchscreen digital display operator panel, CNC control of X, Y, Z, C, A and milling axes, multi-function mobile operator panel (Standard)
  • Cutting area max 6000 mm in “X” axis, max 20000 mm in “Y” axis, max 1500 mm in “Z” axis
  • Automatic A axis, 0º- 180º
  • “C” axis, 0º-360º clockwise head rotation
  • Speed adjustable cutting from operator panel between 25 HP, (Standard Spindle) and max 12000 rpm
  • Automatic tool change, aluminum table
  • Automatic central lubrication standard
Cutting Stroke of Blade 1500 – 6000 mm
Bridge Cross Travel (Y) 2000 mm – 20000 mm
Spindle Vertical Movement 500 mm – 1500 mm
Max. Travel Speed 32,5m/min
Inclination and edge profiling (A axis) 180º
Head roattion circular movement (C axis) 360º
Spindle Rotation 2000 – 12000 rpm
Spindle Motor Power 25 HP (standart)
Operating voltage 380 V / 50 Hz

Get the high resolution image of your model without marking and calibration adjustments.
It is especially suitable for the screening and processing of sculptures in the marble industry.

Artec Eva 3D scanner is an ideal choice for making fast, textured and accurate 3D models of medium-sized objects such as human bust, sculptures and parts of industrial machines.

  • Scans quickly
  • Captures precise measurements at high resolution
  • Allows virtually unlimited application without using additional equipment.

Light, fast and versatile …

Eva is the most popular among the palm 3D scanners and is the market leader. Based on the safe-to-use structural light scanning technology, it is the perfect whole solution for capturing almost any object, including objects with black and shiny surfaces.

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