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USEL MAKİNA operates in the machinery sector with the production of Natural Stone Processing Machines, Bridge Cutting Machines, Waterjet (Water jet) Cutting Machines, CNC Marble Processing Machines and Pressure Blasting Machines. With more than 20 years of experience, Lider CNC Machinery Manufacturer continues its activities with the mission of becoming an organization. Attaching great importance to Research Development and Customer satisfaction, it strives to continuously improve its products, human resources, processes and environmental quality.

USEL Makine has ISO 9001 certification at the international level. The produced machines are produced at every stage of the production through a quality control process, and are produced with a minimum locality rate of 65% in accordance with European standards. The machines are CE certified. USEL MAKINA exports to many countries, especially European countries. Our CNC Marble Machines are marketed in Europe by German KNUTH, our German partners under the Baumann Group, and our CNC Waterjet Cutting machines. Increasing the export volume especially to European countries is one of the most important missions of the company and for this purpose, domestic production with high standards is realized. Usel Bauman Group also is connected to the Burkhardt Hensel brand Löffler and Turkey distübiratör.


We shape a large number of materials.

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